Sports and Organizations With Official Betting Agreements

Sports and Organizations With Official Betting Agreements

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There are several different sports and organizations that have official betting agreements. Here are some of them. In this article, we’ll discuss the NFL and NBA’s partnerships with betting operators. We’ll also look at the PGA TOUR, which became the first major golf tour to add betting opportunities outside North America. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to determine which sport or organization has the best official betting agreement.


Official betting on the PGA TOUR is a new venture for the tour. The new partnership will see a Canadian sports betting company join the ranks of official betting operators. Score Media and Gaming Inc., a TSX-listed company, be the first Canadian sports betting operator. It will also be the fifth official betting operator in the United States. The PGA is supportive of the new partnership and hopes that it will further improve the credibility of the tour as a whole.

PGA TOUR’s first betting operator outside of North America

Bet365, the UK-based gambling company, has announced that it has joined forces with The PGA TOUR to become its official betting operator outside of North America. In addition to providing odds on player pages and leaderboards, the new partnership will also see Bet365’s presence on the TOURCast show in the UK, as well as in Australia and Canada. The partnership will also give bet365 the right to advertise on the tour’s media platforms and through the tour’s website.

NFL’s official betting partners

Genius Sports has announced a new partnership with the NFL that will include official data and content. The new partnership will also include content, media products, and trading services. This partnership was first announced in April and solidifies FanDuel’s position as the primary NFL sportsbook in the United States. Genius also controls NFL-owned media channels. The deal has the potential to be a major moneymaker for the company.

NBA’s official betting partners

The National Basketball Association has announced a multiyear partnership with DraftKings as the league’s official betting partners. The two sports betting houses will be providing official NBA betting data to their consumers, which will be displayed on NBA TV during games. The two companies also share content with NBA fans, which means that both sites will offer live betting and highlight clips from the games. In addition, NBA fans can use these two companies’ betting sites to place their NBA fantasy leagues.

NASCAR’s official betting partners

NASCAR has a new official betting partner. Genius Sports will develop an official NASCAR gambling product for its licensed sportsbook customers. The company will leverage NASCAR’s official data feed to develop a high-end live betting platform. Customers will be able to place bets in real time on a variety of traditional and prop bets. The two companies will also collaborate on other projects in the future.